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What should you expect from a QS Virtual Connect event?

Since Spring 2020, QS digital events are being organized to offer students a chance to learn more about universities around the world and connect with them without ever leaving their houses.

The first Virtual Connect event took place last Spring, which was an online conference that allowed students to find out about different projects and meet lecturers from universities around the world. Since then, QS has hosted the QS Virtual Connect MBA events and QS Virtual Connect Masters events in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, and throughout Asia that have been highly successful.


What happens in a QS Virtual Connect event?


Some students consider QS events better than in-person QS events because besides interacting with schools, you can always look for a wealth of information in just a few clicks.

QS has been using a program called ‘GoToMeeting for its digital events. It is like a small group meeting where schools present a mini-information session. In this session, they talk about their USPs and programs. This session is followed by a Q&A session where students can ask questions from schools and seek answers from them directly.

Each QS digital session invites one or two candidates who get 25 to 30 minutes to have in-depth conversations with school representations, gather information, and ask specific questions about different programs they offer.

Soon, QS Virtual Connect events will also have a virtual fair feature by ‘6Connex’. Here, students will see a virtual open-air fair and can visit virtual booths of participating universities where they can talk to individual representatives (just like you do in real-life educational fairs).


What to do before attending a QS Virtual Connect event?


This is the best time to refresh yourself about what you are all about, what your interests are, and what you want in a university. You should also brush up on the kind of questions you need to ask in an educational fair so you can come well prepared.

You have done this before right? Good! Make sure you are ready with your questions and things you want to know about those universities you are keen on.

During a QS digital event, however, schools will be allocated a limited time to speak with students. Hence, it is advisable that students limit themselves to two or three educational institutions they wish to connect with.

Lastly, the most important aspect of attending an educational event is having fun and enjoying yourself. So sit back, relax, and don’t miss out on learning more about what universities around the world can offer you.

So now that you know what to expect from a QS Virtual Connect event 2021, register as soon as possible so as not to be left behind in your future plans.


Self-Assessment Quiz to Choose the Right Study Program


What is your personality like? Think about it… How would you describe yourself in one word? Always active, informative, or competitive? We all have different strengths and weaknesses; knowing yours can help you decide the right study program. Here is a quiz that will help guide you towards choosing your perfect study program:

  1. I am more of a…
    1. People person
    2. Facts person
    3. Things person
  2. Which of the following is your greatest strength?
    1. Seeing the big picture -that I appreciate all that there is-
    2. Being organized and seeing things through to perfection
    3. Finding solutions to problems and resolving issues
  3. What you hate most is…
    1. Coming to a decision without knowing all the facts first
    2. Disappointment from those close to me because I hold family above everything else
    3. Not being able to do everything at once. I take on too much sometimes
  4. When faced with a problem, you…
    1. Make a list of all the steps needed to solve it
    2. Ask for help because problems are too complex for you
    3. Think about the best strategy to use before taking action
  5. Which living person do you admire most? Why?
    1. Someone who is constantly learning and pushing boundaries- always striving to do the best they can
    2. An efficient planner who gets things done without wasting time
    3. Someone who is fun and sociable- someone I would consider a friend
  6. Your ideal work environment is…
    1. One with clear expectations and lots of support from colleagues
    2. A place where you have all the freedom in the world to do things your own way
    3. A place where you are constantly challenged by new people and projects
  7. Which is more important?
    1. Knowing what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for maximum impact
    2. Being true to yourself no matter what-authenticity matters most in life
    3. Being able to manage your time wisely-so you get the right balance between work, fun, and family
  8. Which is more important?
    1. Having control over your career path so that you continue to learn and grow
    2. Getting all the training you need before taking on new responsibilities at work
    3. Working for a company that has a strong vision and works towards achieving it
  9. Choose your favorite color:
    1. Blue-it’s calming and relaxing
    2. Purple -it’s the color of my birthstone, so it is very special to me
    3. Green-because everyone needs fresh air sometimes!
  10. How would you describe yourself?
    1. I’m a go-getter and I set the bar very high for myself. People appreciate my one-of-a-kind work ethic and positive attitude
    2. People define me by my many achievements, but also consider me to be humble about all that I have done
    3. I do what it takes to get the job done and do it well. I like to make sure everything runs smoothly

If you answered mostly:

Things: You are a “Things Person”

Studying things like Physics, Geography, Mathematics, or Chemistry will enable you to successfully pursue your academic goals. Employers in these fields value analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Facts: You are a “Facts Person”

Studying things like Human Resources, Law, Psychology or Social Work will lead you on your path to success. Having strong communication and interpersonal skills is just as important as knowing the facts.

People: You are a “People Person”

Studying Business Management, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Sciences or Communications will help you understand the world of business. Employers want people with strong interpersonal skills because these are what get you where you want to be in your career!


How to choose the right university or school for you?


Before you start thinking about the next four years of your life, here are a few things to consider:

  • What kind of people do you want to learn with?

Remember that there is no “one size fits all” option when it comes to finding a learning environment. If you like more structure and support from professors and peers, then look for a school with smaller class sizes and an Honors College. If you are ready for something more independent, then maybe a larger college or one further from home would be right for you.

  • How much money can you afford?

If this question is not yet relevant to you, consider living at home and commuting to your local community college first. This will allow you to make sure that you are not only interested in a school, but also able to focus on your studies without money being a distraction.

  • What is the job market like where the school is located?

Just because the last ten people that graduated from your high school went to college locally, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. There may be more jobs or internship opportunities in another city that will better fit your skills and interests.

  • How much stress do you want to take on?

Think about how much time and money you can invest before buying books, paying tuition, and applying for scholarships becomes too difficult! This is dependent on the type of school you attend, so do your research and choose one that’s right for you.

Whatever degree or school you decide on, remember why it is important to you. You will have a much easier time staying focused and being proactive if you can remember why you chose this path for yourself!


What questions to ask the universities you are interested in?


  • What is the career placement rate for graduates?
  • Which companies have the university worked with in the past to help students find internships or jobs?
  • Ask about any limitations on where international students can study. Some schools only allow you to study in certain cities or states.

Note: QS Virtual Connect event is a great opportunity to interact with university representatives face to face. Consult Transtutors experts on what questions you should ask your favorite schools during the event.


What to do while attending the QS digital event?

Gather Information


Find out what the university representatives will share with you about their institution. Ask questions about your specific interest areas or anything that is not clear to you.

Preview the campus

Virtual tours are a great way to preview any universities before visiting them in person, so consider looking up which ones might be available while attending the event!

Meet the representatives

Use the QS Virtual Connect event to establish relationships with university reps. If you find that there is a good fit between you and one of them, keep in touch after the event!

Engage with Schools and Be Proactive


The Virtual Connect event may be your first contact with representatives of universities. Use this opportunity to interact with them and ask questions, but don’t stop there! Follow up later on by finding out what life is like on their campus or how to apply for admission.

5 questions to ask university representatives are:

  1. What are the key features of your university?
  2. How do you support international students like me?
  3. Will I get faculty mentorship at my course?
  4. What is the experience of students like me in this institution?
  5. Is there an internship or research opportunity offered by your university?

Keep in mind that the QS Digital event will only provide general information about the university. If you are interested in studying there, visit the university website and look for details on getting to know your school better (campus tours, virtual tours, visiting professors) or how to enroll (application process).


Use this as a Networking Opportunity


You will be able to connect with professionals in your industry and learn from their experiences. QS Virtual Connect events are a great place to make connections with teachers, future employers, and other people in the industry.

Connect with other attendees

Remember to keep in touch with fellow students after the event has ended. It’s a great way to share experiences and ask questions about specific schools or programs they are interested in! Keep an eye out for Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups where you can connect with other like-minded individuals.


What to do after the virtual QS Education Fair?


You may be busy taking notes during the event, but make sure to take some time for yourself and explore your online campus or talk with university representatives after the session. There will be plenty of information and opportunities for you to discover at QS Virtual Connect 2021.


What not to do?


Don’t forget about your personal life. You should attend the Virtual Connect event if it fits into your schedule, but don’t let it take over your life! Attendance at events like this is great for networking and finding information that matters to you, but don’t neglect important family or friend commitments just to get in more school visits.

Sometimes it is better to study at home than go out and attend the QS Virtual Connect event. Consult the experts at Transtutors for expert advice on which universities to attend or not to attend, what questions you should ask during the event and how you can prepare for the admission process without attending an orientation session. After the event is over, you should look for other opportunities to visit schools and ask more questions.

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November 25, 2021

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