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Time management strategies for balancing school and work

There is no denying the fact that education is an essential part of our lives. But many times, many people are compelled to quit their education because they have to meet their family responsibilities by supporting them financially. However, people with a determination just do not stop, rather they emerge as an inspiration for those who are forced to quit for some reason. 

Nowadays, with an increasing number of part-time executive programs, vocational courses, and certificate and diploma courses introduced by several universities, the scope to continue studies for working people has increased. We often see, working people enrolled in part-time executive programs or some diploma courses alongside their regular jobs. Some people take part-time jobs along with their regular classes. So, in a way, people have options to choose from at their convenience. 

So, if you have quit your studies because you were unable to manage work and studies together, there are many good reasons to return to your studies. You can take up executive education classes. They can help you advance your career, pursue new opportunities, or start your own business.

If you are still not convinced about how to balance work, education, and personal commitments, here are some tips to help you balance your work and studies smoothly. 


How to Manage Your Time Between Work and Studies Efficiently? 

If you find the right strategies, you can study even when busy with work and family.

1. Stay organized 

Being organized is a crucial component of effective time management. By properly planning your day, you may make better use of your time and ensure that you have adequate time for both your schooling and other obligations

Using a weekly calendar or timetable is one of the most efficient ways to manage your time. Make a thorough weekly schedule for yourself that lists your obligations and how you plan to use your time. It will be easier for you to organize and balance all aspects of your life if you have a single calendar that includes both your business and personal obligations.

2. Create a space to breathe

Giving yourself some breathing room is crucial, even while rigorously planning your time can help you find time to study. While you are planning your time, it is crucial to keep in mind that you are a human who needs to rest, not a machine. Jumping from one work or commitment to the next will wear you out, cause you tension, and could eventually result in burnout.

To give yourself a little breathing room, leave some extra space between chores. Plan your activities so that you can take a break between work and study, for example, rather than scheduling everything back to back. This will provide you with the much-needed breaks you need to work or study more effectively.

Breathing room provides some wiggle room in case you occasionally fall behind schedule because it is not always possible to adhere strictly to a specified timeline. 

3. Share your responsibilities 

It’s critical to keep in mind that you don’t have to handle everything on your own. It might be difficult to balance work, school, and your personal life; thus, giving some chores to others can enable you to concentrate on the most crucial aspects. For instance, you can use a virtual assistant to complete easy administrative duties and relieve you of some boring jobs.

Make the switch to professional development while working!

You can delegate not only work-related chores but also your personal responsibilities. You may ask the same virtual assistant to handle errands like locating a restaurant for a birthday dinner or locating a hairstylist who will cut your hair at home.

Giving yourself the mental space you need to concentrate on your academics by delegating even a few straightforward private administrative responsibilities can make a great impact.

4. Working remotely and saving time

Working remotely is an excellent option to free up more time in your schedule for your studies. You can drastically reduce your travel time by working from home or a nearby co-working place. Consider the length of time you invest in your daily commute. Now picture using that time to advance your education.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic began, working remotely has increased significantly in popularity. To shift to remote work on a full- or part-time basis, you can browse for remote positions or talk to your manager.


5. Enroll in online courses 

The type of course you choose is crucial when scheduling executive education. For a variety of reasons, studying online makes it much simpler to juggle a job and other obligations with school. Particularly, online education provides more flexibility because many EDHEC classes are accessible for replay and because communication can be done through online platforms like Slack.

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Also, three-quarters of the course can be completed outside of set times utilizing EDHEC’s online courses. Pupils are given a defined pace to assist them to stay organized, but if you need a deadline extension there are no repercussions. You may fit your studies around your other obligations due to this.

Develop time management skills to balance work and study

With the correct time management strategies, you can find time for executive education, job advancement, or starting your own business. These tactics include a thorough calendar with color-coded chores, breaks between activities, delegation, and working from home.

The most crucial decision you must make is which online course will allow you the flexibility you need to juggle your personal life, employment, and studies. To locate the ideal course for you, look through the EDHEC online program catalog.

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June 12, 2023

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