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Strategies for staying motivated and focused while working and studying

It is very important to maintain attention to succeed in your academics. We may have seen many times even the most enthusiastic ones among us, occasionally fail to sustain and have to bite the dust. The reason is distraction, that is the moment you are distracted, no matter how good you are, you will fail. Not every time but motivation comes quite naturally in people. As a student, you may find challenges in almost everything, starting from going to school, completing your homework, or studying for examinations when your enthusiasm withers. However, if you have a strategy, you might be able to focus on your studies to strengthen your motivation and concentration. 

Here, we will throw light on some of the best methods for maintaining motivation and regaining your lost interest, when you feel like you have lost your way.

Some Strategies for Staying Motivated

1. Remind yourself of your purpose

This is a great technique to regain your enthusiasm for your studies. Remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing. Take a moment to reminisce on what made you choose your course in the very first place. Then evaluate your long-term goals and what you expect to achieve from your goals as a result of your study. Put all the reasons on paper and pin or paste them to the wall. These goals that you set while choosing your course, might motivate you to continue sincerely putting your best effort into your academics, whether it be obtaining good grades, learning about your course, or becoming qualified for a certain career path.

You need to also think about the type of motivation your goals and objectives are driven by. For example, you might ‌very easily get motivated by goals like learning just because you believe you should learn or to obtain good grades with an aim to find a career that you may like for your future. Apart from this, pay attention to every aspect of each subject and course that you like. It could be research, writing, or sharing views with fellow students. All of this may keep you motivated and interested. 

2. Take your first step

Whatever the situation is, whether you have loads of assignments to finish or complete your exam preparation, it is simple to feel overwhelmed and stressed. When you are overwhelmed, you find it difficult to realize where to start and it is tempting to not do anything at all, as you find it a very good excuse without realizing the consequences. It is advisable you push yourself a little step in this situation and get moving forward. As you take your first step forward, you will automatically have the motivation to continue to grow. Do not overstress for not having the energy you need or the willingness to complete everything in one go. Instead, focus on finishing each small step, beginning with the first one.

3. Break tasks into small manageable parts

Make sure you divide your tasks into manageable parts along with taking that first modest step. It will do wonders. Once you break your big task into small parts, you will feel a little less stressed. For example, you can consider taking an essay and dividing it into its research, writing, and editing phases. Next, you can further break down each level into smaller activities, like compiling information, conducting research, making the structure, etc. This way, you can make your tasks manageable and you will not feel stressed or overwhelmed. Taking each step one at a time will keep you motivated. 

The Pomodoro Method is a great method of task division. Just breaking tasks into, say, 15- or 25-minute intervals will help you a lot. Due to the shorter time frame, you will not feel demotivated or discouraged seeing your task. It will encourage you to focus with greater intensity and more enthusiasm. You can also add five minutes of rest in between each interval to do whatever you like. Your motivation levels can have a positive impact even if you take small breaks and do something like snacking or talking to a friend or somebody in the family. It works wonders. 

4. Follow your study schedule

Some students remain motivated if they follow their study schedule or routine religiously. You can find a time for your study period across days, weeks, and/or months using a schedule. You can also dedicate a day or time to a particular subject or activity. This will help you in maintaining your concentration on the wider picture over the full academic year. Make use of a calendar, either digital or printed, and plan your schedule for study periods throughout the day, week, or month. This will help you establish a habit that encourages consistency and helps you associate particular times of the day with studying.

5. Joining study groups can be beneficial 

Many times, many students get bored in isolation and seek friends around to start their studies. Study groups have proved very good for maintaining motivation. You can either join an existing study group or start one with your class pals. This will increase your communication with individuals who share your plans and objectives. This can be beneficial for all students in the group helping them in their academic path. Study groups help in sharing ideas and keep each other motivated to achieve deadlines throughout the academic year. It is a great idea to form study groups with those taking the same courses as you. Make sure, students are from the same academic level. If you do not know where to start looking for a study group. Talk to your friends and find a solution. 

6. Create your own study space

This is very important. Ensure that you have the best study place for you at home. Your study space should be clean, peaceful, organized, and inviting. Another very important point is, there are no distractions, like tablets or game consoles to distract you. Moreover, your sitting place should be comfortable. Occasionally if you choose to study in a library, it can be very motivating. Some people do not like studying in an area that is completely silent. In this situation, you can turn on some calming background music or natural sounds, or visiting the neighborhood cafe, can be a great idea. Additionally, keeping your mobile phones switched off and keeping your gadgets away to can help you remain motivated.  


All the above tips are wonderful, only if you follow them with determination. 

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August 14, 2023

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