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Best Places to Work in Australia Along With Studies

Most international students in Australia work part-time or full-time to fund their education and gain relevant experience in their fields. Some Australian cities offer better work opportunities for students compared to others. There are also specific industries that are doing well in Australia at present, which makes it easier for international students to find jobs if they have the required qualifications and experience.

This article is based on inputs from TutorHelp.Club experts from Australia.


Location of the best places to work in Australia in 2022


  1. Sydney: Sydney is currently one of the best cities in Australia to work in, according to TutorHelp.Club experts. Sydney is Australia’s most populous city and is home to different kinds of industries, large companies, and also multinational corporations. The two main business districts in Sydney are the CBD (Central Business District) and Parramatta. 

International students who get employed in Sydney can look forward to many benefits like free public transport, discounted public utility bills (like electricity, gas, and water), and also at least two weeks’ worth of annual leave. Students can find jobs in fields like marketing, engineering, education, construction, and film production. They can expect to be paid approximately A$ 30 per hour.


2. Brisbane: Brisbane is another popular city in Australia that offers great opportunities for international students looking to work part-time or full-time. The weather here is good all year round, and the beaches are accessible too. Brisbane is also known for its growing tourism industry. Many international students have found jobs in the services sector in Brisbane, especially in areas like finance and administration, media and communications, arts and recreation, healthcare, and retail among others. The average hourly pay is A$20-A$25 per hour.


3. Adelaide: Adelaide is considered one of Australia’s best cities for work. It offers a slower pace of life and has more affordable living costs compared to other large cities in Australia. International students can get jobs easily in Adelaide, especially if they have an engineering background or experience in the manufacturing industry. Retail, construction, and wholesale are also good employment areas for international students who want to stay here after graduation. The average hourly pay in Adelaide is A$25 per hour.


4. Newcastle: Newcastle is a great city to work for international students with law or accounting degrees as the industry here has been growing rapidly over the past few years. International graduates can find entry-level jobs easily at law firms and accounting companies, and their pay starts from around A$25 per hour. International students looking to work in Newcastle can also consider starting their own business as the costs of living are quite low compared to other cities in Australia.


5. Perth: Perth is home to many multinational companies, research centers, and technology parks. As a result, international students studying engineering, mining, or environmental science can find it easier to get jobs here. In addition, the mining and petroleum industries are doing well at present. The average hourly pay for international students is A$27 per hour, but it can go up to A$31 per hour depending on their experience and expertise in engineering or environmental science. 

Perth is ideally located in the southwest of Australia and offers international students many benefits like free public transport and discounted rates for electricity bills. The city has a beach right on its doorstep too. The economy here is growing faster than the other states and territories of Australia and so there are currently more business opportunities here.


6. Melbourne: Even though students need to meet certain conditions before they can get a job in Melbourne, this city has its share of benefits too, such as free public transport, discounted rates for electricity and gas bills, and eligibility to apply for citizenship after four years. International students studying in Melbourne can get jobs easily in sales, marketing, and hospitality. Hourly pay for these international students is A$22-A$26 per hour. Some other sectors that students looking to work here can consider are child care and aged care, the financial sector, and customer service.


7. Darwin: This city offers great career prospects to international students with degrees in engineering, construction, mining, or surveying. The weather here may not be as good as in other cities in Australia, but the average pay for international graduates working here is A$35 per hour.


8. Gold Coast: The Gold Coast is a famous tourist destination and offers international graduates good employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industries. The average hourly pay for international students is A$20-A$30 per hour.


9. Canberra:  Canberra offers international students great career opportunities in the public service sector due to its high number of government organizations. International students who want to gain work experience here can find jobs in places like administrative, education services, health care, and insurance. The average hourly pay for these international students is A$27 per hour with only basic qualifications required. However, graduates with more qualifications will find themselves paid better than the average.


10. Townsville: The average hourly rate for international students here is A$25-$28 per hour, but there are many other opportunities to find jobs in Townsville. Retail and hospitality are growing, especially with the influx of new residents over the past few years. There are also opportunities for international students in pharmaceuticals, energy, and retail. Townsville is an ideal location to work in with its tropical weather and laid-back lifestyle, but the city is still growing rapidly. 


Industries with the most jobs for international students in Australia in 2022


Australia’s economy is growing and so more international students can easily get jobs here in the future. Some of its most thriving industries that constantly require a workforce include:

  1.  Construction: This is the second largest industry in Australia, employing people from all kinds of backgrounds. The average pay for construction workers is A$35 per hour with good safety training needed. There are many opportunities here for graduates to start their own businesses too.

2. Tourism: Tourism in Australia is booming with over 25 million visitors coming into the country every year. This makes it one of the largest industries in the country, providing jobs for people from all walks of life. International students looking to work here can start as cleaners or aviation staff before working their way up to managerial roles.


3. Information technology (IT): One of the fastest-growing industries, IT also offers international students many opportunities for career advancement. With an average hourly rate of A$32 per hour, graduates will find it easier to get jobs in this sector than the national average.


4. Engineering: The third-largest industry in Australia, engineering offers international students many opportunities to get a good job. With the high demand for skilled workers globally, graduates will have an easier time finding jobs that suit their qualifications back home or in Australia.


5. Oil and Gas: The mining boom has created a high demand for workers in the Oil and Gas industry. International students can take up positions as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and sheet metal workers to name a few. The average salary is A$48 per hour and this is one of Australia’s best-paying industries.


6. Healthcare and Medical Science: This is the fourth largest industry in Australia and the demand for qualified nurses continues to rise. Graduates from medical science fields will have an easier time finding work as a nurse or general practitioner with international students paid A$46 per hour on average.

7. Finance and Accounting: Graduates from many different backgrounds such as economics, finance, and accounting will find it easier to get a job in Australia with the fourth largest industry. The average salary is A$45 per hour and with the number of new businesses starting up each year, there will be more opportunities for employment here.


8. Agriculture, Livestock, and Fishing Industries: With Australia’s vast landscapes and rich natural resources, the agriculture industry will continue to expand. Graduates looking for work in this field can find employment as farmhands, tradesmen, or laborers with many international students earning A$30 per hour on average.


9. Mining: This is the third largest industry in Australia offering graduates an average pay of A$72 per hour. With the demand for commodities such as coal and iron ore growing, this industry will provide international students with great opportunities to get a decent job here in Australia.


10. Hospitality: Graduates looking to work part-time can find employment easily in the hospitality industry where the average hourly pay is A$20. However, working hours can be long and positions are often on a temporary basis.

There are also many opportunities for international students to become entrepreneurs in Australia with many graduating from business management courses here. This includes starting their own restaurant, grocery store, or hotel while some have even created online businesses that have gone on to make them millionaires.

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February 18, 2022

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