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20 Ideal Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the US Universities

Many international students think that they should earn money by themselves, and it is a part-time job that can help them to do so. Even if their parents give them an allowance, they want to earn more because for many of them it will be their first time earning money. It seems like there are two main reasons why international students decide to have part-time jobs.

The first reason is that they need money for themselves, especially for foreign students who are not supported by their parents, but the next reason is more interesting.

They like it! As I told you before, earning money is quite a new experience for them. They want to know how it feels to have an earning of their own. I think that it is very important, too; to start this job at an early age because they will gain many experiences and knowledge which they can’t get from school.

An international student faces the same issues as other students in selecting a part-time job to meet his or her financial necessities. Not having prior work experience makes the process more difficult. To ease your job search, below are some of the job opportunities international students can get easily.


Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for International Students in the Campus

1. International Student Advisers (ISA)

Most international students become ISA as it allows them to interact with other students. The experience gained by conversing with fellow foreign students, especially those who are having academic problems, will be highly valuable when you seek future employment.

Most universities require that an ISA candidate hold at least a bachelor’s degree and have prior work experience. In some cases, a master’s degree is preferred. Although ISA candidates are expected to acquire the International Student Counselor certification from the Council for Standards of International Educational Travel (CSIET), it is not always required.

2. Resident Assistant (RA)

Like ISAs, RAs also provide academic assistance to fellow international students, but they have a more hands-on role. They help to resolve problems in the student housing areas, such as building and roommate disputes. In return for providing the above-mentioned service, an RA receives free room and board from the university.

RAs are generally older than ISAs. An RA candidate must have a minimum of a high school diploma, be enrolled in a graduate or bachelor degree program, have at least one year of study or work experience abroad, and be able to speak more than one foreign language.

3. Peer Advisor (PA)

As the name suggests, PAs are students who provide information on curricula designs, academic requirements, and course schedules. Most universities prefer that their PAs hold a bachelor’s degree. In addition, some undergraduate students become PAs to gain experience in their field of study before graduation or to make money while they are attending graduate school.

4. College Admissions Representative (CAR)

CARs provide admission information and guidance on how a student can go about applying for a university program. Like other part-time jobs, CARs must have a bachelor’s degree and some work experience.

5. Career Advisor (CA)

Career advisors help students with their career decisions after graduation. Most universities require that a CA candidate hold a master’s degree in counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, or business administration. In addition, it is preferred that he or she has prior work experience as a career counselor. Although some universities require that a CA candidate has certification from the National Career Development Association (NCDA), it is not always required.

6. College Catalog Editor

A college catalog editor edits and produces a university’s catalog, which contains detailed information on the courses offered by the school. The position requires that a candidate has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, English, or other related fields.

7. Learning Center Tutor for ESL students

Tutoring students whose first language is not English requires that you are fluent in the language. As the learning center tutors work with many international students who have difficulties understanding basic English communication, you must be able to speak clearly without an accent.

8. Career Counselor for Overseas Chinese students

As more and more universities in the U.S .offer degree programs for overseas Chinese students, there is a high demand for counselors who can provide them with guidance toward successful recruitment, enrollment, and academic achievement.

9. International Student Professor Assistant (ISPA)

ISPAs help professors with providing lectures and tutoring students. Since ISPAs are still students, they must work closely with their mentor professor to complete assigned tasks. For the most part, universities allow ISPAs to tutor only in lower-level courses because of limited time.

10. International Student Professor (ISP)

A student who aspires to become an ISP must have a bachelor’s degree and be proficient in English. The university will provide him with advanced training before he can teach on his own.


Top 10 Part-Time Jobs for International Students outside the Campus


The jobs listed above are only the most popular part-time job positions that international students take up on campus. On top of that, there are also many non-academic part-time jobs outside the university where international students can find employment to help finance their study in the US:

1. Part-Time Unpaid Internship

An unpaid internship is an option available to both international and domestic students. It allows students to gain work experience under the guidance of experienced professionals. If you can show that your unpaid internship has helped enhance your skills, it will be easier for you to find a job after graduation.

2. Tutoring or Private Lessons

Many university students are required to take certain courses that may not be of interest to them. If you are good at certain subjects, why not earn some extra money by tutoring high school students?

3. Work-Study Program

Through the work-study program, international students can find part-time jobs on campus and gain valuable work experience while making money for their tuition. Most universities require that you hold a valid F-1 visa and be enrolled full-time to qualify.

4. Retail Jobs

Working part-time as a retail associate is another popular option for international students because you can work in the evening or on weekends. You just need to find out whether your university has partnered with specific retailers. 

5. Work at Home

If you are an internet lover, why not make money while browsing the web? All you need to do is sign up for websites like Elance.com, TaskRabbit.com, or Craigslist.org to get started. 

6. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a popular choice among those with specialized skills such as graphic design artists or writers. You can sell your skills on websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork.

7. Tutoring Program

Tutoring programs are good for those who are good at writing, math, or any other subject. If you are interested, you can register for free on websites like Transtutors.com.

8. Event Hosting 

If you are an outgoing person, event hosting is a good way to earn money while meeting new people. All you need to do is sign up with online event-hosting companies like Townsquared, Meetup, or ZowPow. You can either host offline events or online ones.

9. Adventure Activities

If you are interested in adventure activities, you can sign up for websites like Bounty.com to participate in their tasks. You work as a bounty hunter, tracking down criminals and making arrests. 

10. Bartending or waiting tables

Many international students choose this option because they can earn a lot of money by working part-time as a bartender or a server. The best part is that you can work in bars and restaurants near your campus.

Happy studying guys!

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October 8, 2021

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