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Indian H1-B visa holders may feel the heat of the US tech layoffs

Indian H1-B visa holders may feel the heat of the US tech layoffs

The world has seen several recessions in the past and how it impacts workers, their families, and their lifestyle. Every time economy looks unfavorable, the working class across the world goes through a tough time. It is the same in the United States and everywhere else.


The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to stop in the United States. While the US continues to struggle trying to come out of it, the working class continues to suffer as companies are planning to hand over pink slips to their employees in an effort to cut costs. This news of the economic impact on jobs that are making rounds for quite some time now and has raised concerns about Indian H1-B visa holders, who may get affected by these disproportionate layoffs.


H1-B visas are a type of temporary work visa that is given by the United States to skilled workers from other countries, including India. The visa allows them to work in the United States. Many Indian workers hold H1-B visas and are employed in the United States tech industry. The Indian workers who hold H1-B visas are known for their technical expertise, subject proficiency, and problem-solving skills.


The Tech industry has been hit very badly during the pandemic time which compelled many companies to cut short their workforce in order to survive the inconsistency in the market. 

This has led to the concern that Indian H1-B visa holders may have to face similar consequences when the economy is not doing good. It is assumed, Indian H1-B visa employees who may not have the same job protections as American-origin employees may be the worst hit by these layoffs.


According to recent data, close to 70% of all H1-B visas issued in the United States are issued to Indian workers, and a large chunk of them work in the tech industry. As a result, they may be more vulnerable to layoffs and other adverse impacts of the economic slowdown.


Moreover, another challenge that may emerge for Indian workers who lose their jobs is, they will face problems in finding new employment and maintaining their H1-B visa status. If they fail to find a new job within a certain time limit, they may be forced to return to India. After they are back in India, it may be another hurdle for them to look for a job in a completely new job environment. With the new and different working culture and job market, it may be further difficult for them to navigate through job openings.


Although, the impact of the approaching economic downturn may lead to tech layoffs on Indian H1-B visa holders is a complex and not-so-serious issue unless the picture gets clearer. It requires further attention and analysis. As the situation continues to unfold, it will be important to keep a close eye on the impact on these workers and their families. It will also be a matter of utmost importance to explore for alternatives to support them during this challenging time.

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May 2, 2023

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