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Education Trends 2022: Keep an Eye on the Latest Practices and Strategies!

Many education trends, practices, and strategies are expected to make a wave in 2022. The future of schools and colleges seems to be changing at a rapid pace. Education in the 2020s is seeing many new technologies and innovative practices coming up to make learning more interactive and enjoyable–and less tedious!

Educational Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


  1. A sharp rise in private schools: A recent report predicts that, by 2022, private education will grow substantially. The increased growth in the number of international schools is also noteworthy. This indicates that parents are now more interested in getting their children educated privately, rather than sticking with the conventional public school system.
  2. Smart classroom technology: Classrooms are becoming smarter and more engaging for students! Smart classrooms have interactive projectors, tablets to manage interactive whiteboards, and multimedia systems. Smart classrooms will help students learn more effectively and acquire better learning skills.
  3. Personalized education: A personalized curriculum that helps students figure out their strengths and weaknesses will be the focus of 2022’s education. This is a trend that was started by Khan Academy in 2010 and is now gaining popularity among educationists and parents alike.
  4. Strengthening of online education support systems: Online tutors and assignment helpers like Transtutors are gaining favor with more and more students who need additional study help outside the school working hours.

5. More focus on STEM: By 2022, we can expect to see an increased focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Schools will be encouraging students to take up these subjects as early as possible. The reason behind this is that the US economy is already shifting towards a more technical landscape. STEM education will help students learn more about technology and how they can play an active role in developing it.

6. No barrier between online and offline learning: In 2022, the barrier between offline and online education will be blurred to a great extent. Schools are already adopting blended learning practices where concepts are taught both in school as well as at home. And the trend is only going to get stronger. The schools will carefully design their classes to make sure students are still learning well-defined concepts in a blended environment.

7. More virtual pop-up lessons: Schools and colleges will be developing more virtual pop-up lessons that combine live video lectures with other multimedia tools such as eBooks, graphics, videos, and printed notes.

8. A preference for STEM careers: By 2022, technology will play a bigger role in our lives than it does now. This is why students are expected to take up more courses related to science, mathematics, engineering, and technology under the STEM umbrella. There will be greater emphasis on these subjects in schools and indeed career options as well.

9. Face-to-face learning will see a decline: Online education is gaining momentum and schools are developing more online classes to engage students better. The cost of online education has also come down considerably, which makes it a better option for parents who have budget constraints. In 2022, the focus will be on offering more e-learning options for schools and colleges.

10. An increased focus on culture: Students will learn about diverse traditions, cultures, and religions in 2022. Schools will also teach students about respecting all religions while teaching values of love, peace, and harmony to children of the 21st century. This is a trend that is anticipated by educationists due to rising religious intolerance.

11. The rise of ‘Mommy-PhDs’: As more women are choosing to become mothers, there will be a sharp increase in the number of stay-at-home ‘Mommy PhDs’. These are women who have acquired advanced degrees while raising children. Working from home or taking up freelance positions will be options for these women.

12. More hands-on learning: Smaller classroom sizes will mean more opportunities for individual attention and more interaction between students and teachers. Students will be taught through a variety of ways, including collaborative projects, discussions, and group work. By 2022, educationists predict that students who pursue hands-on learning are expected to give better results than students who only follow traditional methods of learning.

13. More one-on-one coaching: More personalized education will mean more one-on-one coaching for students to help them understand concepts better and make the most of their study time. Transtutors experts predict that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many loopholes in traditional classroom education. One-on-one online coaching can help students better because it offers the teacher and students to interact freely and hold the full attention of each other.

14. Encouraging medical and healthcare education: It is expected that next year, the medical and healthcare industry will be one of the biggest job creators in the United States. Students will get a variety of options after completing their high school education, including studying nursing and becoming a doctor, or taking up other courses such as paramedical science and radiology.

15. The reduced role of universities: The trend of college-level education is expected to be on the decline by 2022. It has become commonplace for high school graduates to pursue higher studies at universities in different countries. There is already a glut of postgraduate students at colleges. This trend is expected to continue for another decade before it reaches its saturation point.

16. University degrees no longer guarantee jobs: The market has changed quite a bit in the last few years due to globalization. By 2022, high school graduates are expected to prefer vocational training courses over college degrees since they offer better job prospects in changing times when multiple skills and cross-functional expertise is what will win the jobs.

17. Virtual universities: There is greater scope for the use of virtual universities where students can engage with more than one teacher, access online textbooks, and take online tests. This trend of virtual education is expected to grow in 2022 since it is a practical way for colleges to reach out to the growing population of remote students spread across various regions.

18. Improved faculty-student relations: Students’ choice of subjects will depend on their strengths and interests. Teaching methodologies will also change to accommodate the diverse needs of students, including a combination of traditional classroom education along with hands-on projects, online tutorials, and self-learning modules.

19. Virtual labs will become more popular: In 2022, it is expected that more colleges will make virtual laboratories a part of the curriculum to enhance students’ understanding of concepts better. Virtual labs provide flexibility and convenience as they can be accessed from any campus or college with an Internet connection.

20. More opportunities for extracurricular activities: Students’ spare time will be spent organizing various events in schools, including those related to the arts and sports. Proactive participation in extracurricular activities is expected to give them an edge over others during college or university admissions, job interviews, and competitions.

21. More emphasis on life skills: Learning how to interact with others, improve decision making and develop leadership qualities will be integral parts of education by 2022. Schools today are encouraging students to take part in speech and debate contests, model United Nations sessions, and other academic events that help them hone these skills. More educators feel that practical training is more effective than theoretical learning.

Are you excited to be a part of these changes? Do you have other predictions for the education and edutech industry for 2022? Share your suggestions in the comments section!

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January 14, 2022

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