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Being an International Student in the US Academic Market

International graduate students have to face added challenges in the U.S. job market. It is like, get a job or go home; and why not? When you do not have a job, who will help you survive ‌there, and for how long? However, most of the time it is very much possible to turn their foreignness to their advantage, 

After spending years in the US as a student, it is pretty difficult to return to their home country for many. However, many do go back as they fail to cope with the distance from their loved ones back home. But those who decide to stay back need ‌to go through a bumpy road.

International students may find it challenging to get employment since potential employers may not be aware of cultural nuances, visa requirements, unfamiliarity with local culture, or language barriers. It is your responsibility as a job seeker to give employers the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. You should keep yourself aware of the American job market because it is probably very different from the one in your home country.

It is advisable to know your visa requirements and constraints before starting your job search. Learn everything you can about your visa options and how they will affect your career. 

International Student in the US

The problems that you may face as an International student

Career searching can be a challenging and anxiety-inducing process for anyone, regardless of background, identity, or experience. However, it may be upsetting for international students who are trying to find jobs that will help them support their new life in the United States. Employers often find it difficult to hire foreign students due to a number of factors, including their lack of work experience, limited proficiency in English, and lack of familiarity with the local lifestyle and culture. There are several potential reasons for finding a job in the US for foreign students. The following are the primary causes:

  • Complicatedness and confusion concerning visas
  • Hiring international students can be an expensive affair
  • It can be time-consuming due to several documentation processes
  • Uncertainty of new hires from a different country as they may quit after a few months or a year
  • Concern that the student might lack the required English skills

Some firms prefer hiring US citizens over foreign applicants. This is presumably because many believe that US citizens are more proficient than foreign applicants. But do not give up; there are businesses in the US that hire international students, and it is still feasible for you to land a fantastic career there.


How to find a job as an international student? 

Here are some helpful suggestions to keep in mind as you proceed with your planning. – 

1. The sooner you search is better

All job searchers should follow this advice, but overseas students should pay particular attention. The sooner you begin, the better, as it will take you longer to locate employment with an organization that will sponsor individuals who require work visas.

2. Try to understand your condition

Be aware of laws and rules that apply to your situation. Make sure you are aware of the various options, application deadlines, and potential fees for the visas you require, as well as the requirements and required documents needed for each. If you are aware of the typical employment application process, you will feel more assured and prepared while applying for positions. 

3. Take help from academic services at your college

Your school undoubtedly provides a wealth of career services to students. The college’s academic help probably has a lot of experience assisting overseas students in doing so once they graduate and move to the US. Use their years of experience and their knowledge of the industry to schedule a consultation with a career coach to talk over your unique circumstances and objectives. Also, be proactive and follow up with them to see if there are any possible opportunities.

4. Network

Good networks are used to find about 70% of employment. The alumni networks at your institution are a great way to connect with people who have experienced what you are looking for. It is important to get to know your lecturers and even the parents of your American friends. This will help you feel more comfortable and make social interactions easier. Additionally, you should also go to career fairs where you can network with recruiters from local companies.

5. Stay Positive 

It might be difficult and depressing to look for work, given the changing job market. You may feel like despite your best efforts, nothing is changing or happening. For now, it is crucial to stay positive. Employers will want to invest in you if you have a positive state of mind, confidence in your abilities, and a willingness to learn, which will show in everything you do.


Golden Rules of Job Hunting

Like with every job hunt, there are a few guidelines you should never stray from:

  1. Do extensive research on the employer by visiting their website or contacting their offices to request additional information. To check if you can uncover any articles or other information on the company, conduct online searches. Your chances of getting hired are improved if you do more research on the organization.
  2. Recognize your individual traits, including your strengths and limitations. You will be able to use these traits in an interview if you can construct a list of them.
  3. If at all feasible, send the firm your resume via postal mail unless otherwise requested. This demonstrates that you have worked harder and enables you to portray yourself in a more polished and original manner.
  4. When you submit your resume for a job, always get in touch with the company. Call to confirm that they have received your resume after a week or two.
  5. You should always practice as much as you can before an interview. You can practice mock questions on several trustworthy websites.
  6. Always request a detailed job description and a prospectus or company profile if neither is provided.
  7. Always dress professionally for the interview by donning a business suit, maintaining an orderly appearance, and answering questions with confidence.


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May 23, 2023

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