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Application Deadlines for Popular US Universities in 2022-2023

The admissions in the US universities for 2022-2023 are going on. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most schools and colleges in the US, such as the University of Illinois, Chicago; University of Kansas; and University of Dayton, Ohio, have extended their application submission and processing deadlines. Universities are also offering scholarships in the US as well as financial aid programs to mitigate the financial crisis students are facing due to the pandemic. 

Right now, many US universities, schools, and colleges are offering hybrid courses or virtual courses with limited in-person classes to allow students to study from wherever they are. Through these initiatives, they hope to encourage international student enrollment as well as support as many students as possible. If you want to apply to US universities, here are the application deadlines of some of the most popular universities for you.


Three Periods of Admission Intakes in the US


Students can seek admission in the US universities during:

  • Spring Intake: Application deadlines for the Spring semester usually fall in February 2022. This semester starts in January and ends in April.
  • Summer Intake: Application deadlines for the Summer semester usually fall in March 2022. This semester starts in May and ends in August.
  • Fall intake: Application deadlines for the Fall semester usually fall anywhere between November 2021 to July 2022. This semester starts in September and ends in December.

Not all universities offer these intakes though. So, you have to check the institution in which you seek admission for the exact application deadline. Besides these three intake seasons, international students who seek admissions in the US can also apply for:

  • Early Decision admission deadlines: If you opt for an Early Decision (ED) admission, you will have to apply a few months earlier than regular admissions. Thus, it has a higher acceptance rate. You generally receive your results by mid-December. 


However, if you are granted admission on an ED application, it is binding. It means that if you get accepted, you can’t back out and have to enroll in the program.


  • Regular Decision application deadlines: Regular Decision admission deadlines usually fall between January to March of the year of admission. The results are released by mid-April. 

If you want to explore more what subjects you want to pursue or plan on retaking then ACT or SAT for a higher score and increase your chances of getting accepted and becoming eligible for scholarships and financial aid programs, this might be the ideal option for you.


  • Rolling Basis admissions: Some US colleges and universities do not specify any application deadlines. They may have priority dates though. The applications are evaluated in the order they are received by the institution until all the seats for the specific program are filled. 


While rolling admissions allow students to apply to colleges and universities at the last minute, they can get pretty competitive if you apply late. If you apply early on the rolling basis, you are not bound to join the college if you get accepted. On the other hand, if you apply late, you may hear late or the available spots may get filled up and you lose the opportunity of being accepted into the program.


Application Deadlines for Popular US Universities in 2022-2023


UniversityLevelSummer 2022Fall 2022Spring 2023
Adelphi UniversityBachelors and Masters15th April, 20221st March, 20221st Nov, 2022
Auburn UniversityBachelors and Masters1st Feb, 20221st Feb, 20221st Nov, 2022
University of DaytonBachelors and Masters20th April, 202215th July, 202212th Dec, 2022
University of Illinois, ChicagoBachelors1st Feb, 2022
Masters1st April, 2022
University of KansasBachelors and Masters1st April, 20221st May, 202215th Nov, 2022
University of UtahBachelors and Masters1st April, 20221st June, 20221st Nov, 2022
University of Massachusetts, BostonBachelors1st July, 20221st Dec, 2022
MastersGraduate Direct Entry, admissions vary1st Dec, 2022
Oregon State UniversityBachelors20th June, 20221st Feb, 202228th Feb, 2022
Masters1st Jan, 20221st April, 20221st Oct, 2022
Suffolk University, BostonBachelors15th Aug, 20221st Dec, 2022
Masters1st April, 202215th July, 20221st Dec, 2022
University of South FloridaBachelors1st April, 202215th Nov, 2022
Masters15th Feb, 2022 (Applicable only to some programs)1st June, 202215th Oct, 2022


Note: Exact dates vary from program to program.


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