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Advice for making the most of a part-time job while in school

Financial Independence is about more than money. It allows you to live life on your own terms. And, if you can achieve that in your school years, you are on the path to achieving financial stability in life. That is necessary in times like this. In 2023 alone, there are 208 million people who are unemployed with a rate of 5.8%. So, if you want to prepare yourself for ahead, it is better to get yourself to work while ‌in school itself.

You can easily manage a significant portion of your study cost by doing some part-time work, making new friends, and of course, better experiencing the world around you. Let us tell you how:

Why should you get one?

  • Extra income: Part-time work is one of the best supplement incomes and obviously it feels good to pay your expenses while you are in college or school.
  • Experiences and skill development: They say experience is the best teacher and of course when you get to live in the real world, especially for international students, miles away from homes, not all learning comes from ‌textbooks. So, if you want to learn soft skills and proficiency in a native language, you better get on the field.
  • Flexibility: Part-time work is usually outside the 9-5 timings, so if you can easily manage that with your school hours.
  • Opportunities for networking: Part-time positions allow you to meet new people like supervisors, coworkers, as well as customers. The networking you do at work can result in valuable connections and career opportunities in the near future. References and recommendations from your employer could increase your chances of getting work experience or full-time jobs.
  • Enhancing your resume Employers typically look for candidates with relevant experience, particularly for entry-level jobs. Part-time work shows the ability to manage many responsibilities, work on your own, and work in an environment of cooperation.
  • Personal development and self-confidence: Working part-time during school can boost personal growth and confidence in oneself. Making time for academics and work simultaneously increases your ability to be disciplined, resilient, and flexible. Additionally, it gives you ‌euphoria as you manage multiple responsibilities.
  • Explore your career: Part-time work can allow you to explore various areas and career options. They expose you to various work environments and let you test your passions and personal preferences. It helps you gain first-hand experience that ‌helps you in deciding on your future career choices and aids you in making informed choices.

There are all the reasons in the world for you to get experience on your hands. And if the thought has been in the back of your mind for a long time you must give it a try as they say better an ooh than what if! 

How to make the most of it?

Now that you have made the decision and got yourself to work, you would like to make the most of it. So, by doing the following you can make the most of your part-time job and ensure to get maximum return for your efforts:

  • Seek Relevant Experience: When seeking part-time work that aligns with your field of study or future career aspirations, look for part-time jobs that offer relevant hands-on experience and can add credibility to your resume. This can provide invaluable knowledge. For instance, you are a student of business so the work of management will suit ‌you, even if it’s a club or a coffee shop.
  • Develop transferable skills: Utilise your part-time job to hone transferable skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and time management that will serve you well in any profession.
  • Build professional networks: Make connections with colleagues, supervisors, and professionals while working on part-time jobs to strengthen professional networks. Networking could open doors to future employment opportunities or mentorship programs.
  • Be proactive about seeking learning opportunities: Don’t be shy to request additional responsibilities and training programs offered by your employer if it will allow you to expand your skill sets and increase the value of being an employee. By developing new abilities and knowledge, your value as an employee will only increase.
  • Balance work and academics: When prioritizing studies while managing part-time work, communicate with your employer regarding availability and workload during peak academic periods.

After all, education is not only about acquiring knowledge, it’s about experiencing life through learning.

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August 28, 2023

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