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9 Helpful Online Resources For College Students

In this age of digital technology, almost everyone seeks digital help in as many ways as one can get. And why not if that helps you improve your output and perform better in your studies and job? Online tools are becoming very popular among college students for the massive assistance they provide.  

Here in this blog, we will discuss some very useful digital tools and online resources that will make your college experience and your studying more enjoyable. 

These tools can be very useful even if you are not a student and just want to increase your productivity in your workspace. So, let’s look closer:


1. Grammarly

Grammarly app is a must-have for everyone who is into writing and also for those who want to write academic projects other than instant messaging. It will check your typos, spelling mistakes, awkward language, words that sound similar but aren’t, and also grammar and punctuation errors. 

It has its own exceptions like there is no compromise for passive voices. Despite being a free tool, it performs much better than your standard built-in spellchecker and has many more features.


2. Hemingway App

An online editor called Hemingway App is very helpful in organizing your texts. It identifies verbose and complicated sentences and phrases. Additionally, it also recognizes illogical uses of the passive voice, excessive use of adverbs, and other writing errors.

Hemingway App has a very clean and minimalistic interface, very easy to use for users. However, you will enjoy a wide range of functionalities. Like, each type of error is color-coded, so it is easy for you to identify each error separately and know your weak spots and solve the errors individually. At times, Hemingway App may seem a bit over-excited, so it is presumably a better option for essays than for academic research papers. 


3. PaperWritings

In recent years, it is observed more young people than ever before are moving ‌abroad for studies. Thanks to the numerous student mobility initiatives that have been put in place over the past few years. While this creates excellent opportunities abroad, it also has a downside. Due to limited language skills, many international students struggle to write the academic papers expected from their college. This is when they take the help of professional paper writing services.

At PaperWritings, students can find comprehensive editing, proofreading, and academic help for all their written projects, whether it is essays, in-depth research analysis, papers to reports, or dissertations. At PaperWritings, they can also find tips and resources and get help from experienced editors and writers. They can help you with everything relating to writing and education, following the college and university guidelines and deadlines.


4. Evernote

One of the most liked applications, Evernote may be found on virtually any list of helpful tools, like teamwork, time management, writing a book, organizing your life, etc. It is a great way to keep track of your important information and schedule ‌important events from your device. People who have used it say, once you use it, you will not want to use anything else.

It is very popular with students who prefer taking notes on a laptop because it has the basic functionality of taking notes. Moreover, it allows you to work on your projects while on the move from your smartphone due to its seamless device synchronization feature.

You can also record audio, capture pictures, save links, doodles, do calligraphy and create other types of content. This is everything in one place solution.


5. GoConqr

A one-stop place for visual learners, GoConqr offers mind maps, flashcards, slides, flowcharts, quizzes, and notes on its platform. It allows you the option to use study materials from its huge library developed by other users or create your own to share with the community. Several organizations link users with global objectives for collective learning and the million users it has, including ‌educators and learners.

Moreover, this cross-platform also allows you to quiz yourself while you are on the go or standing in a queue at the grocery store.


6. Getting Smart

Devoted to learning and cognition, Getting Smart is a very helpful tool for college students as it provides insightful advice on how to learn well. You will not find any specific courses here. 

You will find all kinds of learning advice, like deeper learning, peer learning, place-based learning, project-based learning, readiness and mentality, and time management. Although it majorly serves the purpose of educators and parents, students too may find a wealth of insightful guidance and information on the most effective learning strategies, and the future of education.


7. Dragon Dictation

Speech-recognition and text-editing programs are covered by Dragon Dictation and Dragon Anywhere. You will be allowed to speak instead of type. This means you can use your mobile device to finish the incomplete essays. However, you need to be careful with some reasons before you use it. You will need to be connected to the internet to get recognized correctly. Additionally, you will also have to train the software to identify your voice and imply the terms you would want it to use in some specific situations. But, even though the tool may seem complicated to use, the outcomes are excellent once you are thoroughly trained. 


8. Coursera

Major universities collaborated with Coursera to create free online courses. Coursera also gives you certificates for completing courses. So, probably, over time they may combine to form a degree, which is a great complement to the knowledge gained.

At Coursera, each course comes with pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and assignments, making it very close to an interactive textbook. It also offers a social platform where you can interact with other students and have discussions and debates about the course you are taking or just about anything that may interest you.


9. FastWeb

If you are looking for a tool that connects students with universities to cater to their goals and skills, then FastWeb (Financial Aid Search Through the Web) is a great option. It is an excellent option if you are a high school student planning to attend college. This tool will allow you to complete an online questionnaire with information on your GPA, extracurricular activities, preferred major, participation in sports, desired geographic location, and other things. You will receive a list of universities that might be of your interest and that are looking for students just like you.

FastWeb is very useful for students to explore and apply for different scholarships that pay for college expenses. 


All the above tools are excellently designed to cater to the various academic needs of college students. With these online resources, lifetime learners will continue to benefit greatly from the content and the resources provided. It is a reliable and comprehensive tool that you can use to self-direct your learning. With your status as a college student, you are naturally going to treasure the plenitude of resources made available to you, given your limited time and budget.  

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May 8, 2023

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