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5 Tips to Be Stress-free During Your Exam Week

Exams are often considered by the students as a hurdle. Some even think of it as an inconvenience to the normal life flow. Well, these are the views of those pupils who are not prepared or cannot handle the stress of exams. Stressing out is common among students and it can be handled easily. It needs proper preparation, that’s all. Here is what TutorHelp.Club experts recommend you to do when the exams are near – to handle stress and excel.


Tips to handle exam stress


Studying in a new university or a new college is something intimidating for students. The fear is understandable. New faculty members and pupils around you create a worrying condition. You suddenly start questioning your capabilities when you cannot answer a question for the first time or suffer from stage fright. This stress can get you, even more, when the exams are close. Let us take a quick look at the ways you can manage stress and make the move out of your international study programs:

  1.     Stay organized

The first thing you will do when you are new to an educational institution is to stay organized. Organizing resources related to your study programs is the second thing you will have to do once you have got a place to live. Apart from organizing your life there, you will have to focus on creating a sphere of your own where everything is at an arm’s distance.

The biggest problem arises when you do not have the right resources to reach out for exams. Your study material should be ready and must match your frequency. This is why experts suggest making notes in class and seeking help regarding the clarification of your doubts. Don’t let the doubts and queries pile up. It will cause mayhem when exam day is near.

Your prime aim is to keep the notes of all subjects ready. Your study material should match your merit level. Make it easier to understand and grab the concepts.

  1.     Plan ahead of the battle

Only a fool will not practice or will not take his weapons to the battle. It only happens in the movies, not in real life. Start your preparation for an imminent battle ahead of others. If an exam is coming, mark the date and check your schedule.

Find out what you need to organize for studying beforehand and start studying early. Set a deadline every day and complete the syllabus on time. It will help you concentrate on all the topics included in the syllabus without any hassle.

Create milestones of studying and prepare your weapons way before the exam date. Accomplish these milestones and be proud of yourself. Give yourself a treat whenever you accomplish a predefined goal. In this way, you can escalate your level of confidence.

Maintain a balance from your side and do not oversell your capabilities. Fit feasible goals into the daily schedules and accomplish them. Be steady with your performance every day. You will definitely be able to complete your syllabus sooner.

  1.     Find motivation

Motivation comes in different shapes for all. Some like to munch on their favorite snacks whereas some like to watch a few episodes once they have accomplished something for the day. In the language of psychology, it is called rewarding yourself. Our brains have a reward system and we can use it to focus on studies and avoid stress during exams.

Reward yourself with something when you are studying at night or during unconventional hours. You decide your reward and start accomplishing goals every day. Escalate your confidence by completing your daily goals and motivating yourself with your favorite activity. It can be a dish you love to cook or want to listen to a specific genre of music.

Define your motivation and enjoy what you deserve after a long day of hard work. Your strenuous day should not go unrewarded. This process enables you to be consistent in studying and getting ready before the exams start knocking on the door.

  1.     Remain active physically and mentally

Do not just be a couch potato watching lectures online or reading a book. Remember your body also needs to work to remain happy. How is that possible? It has been found that exercising or playing sports with friends escalates the level of your happy hormones. These hormones keep you active, happy and focused.

Join a sports association and start finding the sports you want to play. You can stroll in the evening, walk, pace, or run with your favorite music on. Perspire and be tired. Sleep well at night and enjoy a fresh mind that can grab anything taught easily in the classes.

  1.     Join or make a study group

Remember you are not the only one fighting on this battlefield. There are many and most of them are stressed as you are. Make a group of students from the same class and study together. You will not believe the outcome. This group must contain students who are active in their studies and take exams very seriously.

Discuss topics together, solve questions, and prepare for the upcoming exams. Including more than one brain in a study group will help you get past the exam hurdles.

This is how you can beat stress and perform well in your exams. Follow these tips and plan a study schedule. Complete your syllabus and be confident. You will find everything falling in the right place.

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September 7, 2022

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